We all have the best intentions that we will go to that pilates class or for a run after work…then it gets to 5 pm. It can be difficult to summon the motivation and energy to go to do any form of exercise before/after work or just generally speaking. Here are some top tips to get you ready and raring to go!

  1. Figure out ‘Why’

Finding out ‘why’ you want to workout will compel you to get going. Whether it’s to lose weight for your upcoming holiday, look great at your wedding or to improve your health, write it down on a piece of paper and read it every day. This will remind you of the reasons you wanted to get fit in the first place.

  1. Have a browse of a Fitness Magazine

Speaking from personal experience there’s nothing that motivates me more than having a quick browse of a fitness magazine/blog or fitness boards on Pinterest. This gets me in the mood to get up and go. Set a fitness quote or picture as your phone background and feel inspired every time you go to make a call!

  1. Set a regular workout time

Setting a regular workout time will most definitely benefit you. Sit down with your diary to see what you have planned for the following week and figure out the exact times you’re going to put aside for some exercise. Treat it more like an appointment than a ‘maybe.’ THEN (we’re really getting serious here) put it on your calendar/set reminders and really make it something you can’t get out of.

  1. Get a Workout Partner

A workout partner will help to/force you to do exercise when you’re not in the mood. If you have someone to meet then it’s a lot harder to get out of. It’s good to have someone who will be supportive and who you can get a little competitive with.

  1. Sign up to a half marathon or a triathlon

Now, this takes motivation in itself but by signing up for something like this it puts a little bit of pressure on you to meet a goal.

  1. An all-body workout doesn’t have to take long

Knowing that you’re getting an all-over body workout in just 20 minutes will definitely make exercise seem a little more appealing. This is literally no time at all – less time than an episode of Eastenders! So, start off small until you’ve got into the exercise momentum. Why not try some of our 20 minute Body Blast classes with Leigh Linton that targets specific areas of your body (you could do it while you have the dinner on!)

  1. Get halfway there

At this point, it’s all about tricking yourself (ultimately for your own good). Get dressed and get your trainers on and tell yourself that if you still don’t feel like it after that then you don’t have to. Getting ready to workout will help get you in the mindset which is half the battle when you’re feeling unmotivated and hopefully, the clothes will associate feelings of wanting to exercise..!

  1. Make a good playlist

A suitable music playlist will get you in the mood for exercise. Decide what time of music motivates you most and you’ll associate this with exercising. Keep an eye out for our InstructorLive’s Motivational Music Monday on Facebook with some great choices from our Instructors!

  1. Convenience

You’re more likely to want to work out if it’s not disrupting your day-to-day schedule too much! Figure out an exercise plan that will be convenient for you to stick to.

  1. Pay Yourself

Right, this may sound like we’re getting a little bit desperate here but this may be a good idea for those who have absolutely zero motivation. Give your flatmate/boyfriend/parent £10 at the start of the week and instruct them to only give it back to you if you do 3 workouts that week. If you manage it, put it in a savings jar for your spending money for when you go on holiday…you’re achieving two goals in one. You will not want to be just giving your money away!
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