About us

James is both the founder and director of Beyond40 and has worked in the personal health and wellness industry for over 26 years. Studying at the Australian Catholic University, James gained a bachelor’s degree in human movement. He then continued his training at the Australian Coaching Institute, where he successfully certified as a life coach and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. He is a fully qualified health professional and has over 30,000 hours of personal training and wellness coaching behind him.

James has worked in various settings including gymnasiums, fitness studios, corporate wellness, and executive Life coaching. Some of these companies include Workhealth Australia, ALE Health Services, Gosford city council and Athletes Gel, to name a few.

The vision for the Beyond40 concept began in 2017 with Bella Mezzo, a longstanding client of James’s of 10 years. Being 86 years old, James and Bella focused diligently on maintaining the quality of Bella’s lifestyle; working on his functionality through various training methods. After many heartening years of training together, Bella peacefully passed away in his own home and his own bed

This got James thinking and he recognised the importance of individual well-being and longevity – identifying that the last decade spent working with Bella had a huge positive impact on the quality and enjoyment of Bella’s later years.

James also noticed the physical day to day struggles of his parents and the elderly population and after talking with a number of his friends who shared similar experiences, he decided to design the foundations of Beyond40. 

The main question everyone was asking: How do we avoid spending the last 20 years of our lives sick or stuck in a nursing home? How do we avoid being utterly codependent and evade being kept alive by pills from pharmaceutical companies?

These are questions that leave many people concerned and in fear of their future – as this is something they believe they have no control over. Fortunately this isn’t always the case, and James realised that it’s about turning the question into a practical approach.

Instead, we should ask ourselves:

What do we need to do in our 40’s and 50’s so that we may live an active, joyful, healthy life into our 90’s and beyond whilst living IN OUR OWN HOME?

To answer this question, the 4 pillars of Beyond40 were developed:

1. Physical Body

In this pillar we consider why it’s essential to take time each day to ensure we age well. We look at what the body and brian needs, including nutrition.

2. Internal Spirit

This pillar considers the health of our minds and overall resilience of life. Here we use self-talk techniques and explore subconscious brain patterns and belief systems.

3. Science

We live in an age of information, which means there is always new research on what we should de doing to live a long and healthy life. Beyond40 bespoke fitness plans are always science based.

4. Fundamentals of Why

Our final pillar looks at why we want to live a long and healthy life. We explore the community and relationship structures around our clients and their power on anti-ageing and longevity. Our DNA is wired for connection and a sense of belonging.

The Beyond40 bespoke fitness plan may look different for everyone but the intention and purpose are based on the same 4 pillars.

Beyond40 builds a bespoke framework for you to discover how to live an authentic life and develop the best version of yourself.

But how do you determine, set up and implement daily practices to encourage the art of living true for YOU?

Beyond40 does this by using its unique “LIVING WELL” Method.

Firstly, we ask you to EXAMINE yourself from the inside out and discover YOUR health and life philosophy. We then EXAMINE your genetic living well profile from the 10,000 data points we collect from our PH360 health assessment.

Secondly, we help you DESIGN and EXPLORE new knowledge and strategies that allow you to design a new norm for a new YOU. Together we will optimise your health from a scientific and intuitive examination of what works and what doesn’t, specifically for you.

Thirdly, through our continuous guidance and support, you will learn the secrets and hacks to instil those new habits – implementing change as you EVOLVE into the true version of yourself.

Fourthly, you will discover the EXTRAORDINARY feeling of ‘LIVING WELL”, every day, with a calm, authentic energy that flows through you. Best of all, you will connect to your life in a body primed for longevity, being the best vision of you each and every day.

We wish you to find a safe, supportive place in our community where you can optimise your body and health to live your best life by LIVING BETTER, STRONGER & LONGER