10 of the Best ‘No-Meat Athlete’ Protein Sources

Protein – we know it’s essential for growth, repair, the heart, immune system and of course for our muscles. When we hear the word protein, most of us think of the stock standard animal protein sources such as fish, chicken or beef. But with plant-based choices being more popular now, we thought we should look at some non-animal, natural food sources rich in protein.  (more…)

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Top Tips to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

We all have the best intentions that we will go to that pilates class or for a run after work…then it gets to 5 pm. It can be difficult to summon the motivation and energy to go to do any form of exercise before/after work or just generally speaking. Here are some top tips to get you ready and raring to go! (more…)

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Top 3 Biggest Fitness Mistakes

When it comes to exercising and keeping fit, there are some common mistakes that you could be making that could be hampering your fitness and harming your health. To ensure your workout is not only safe but also effective so you can reach your goals sooner, take a peak below at our top three biggest fitness mistakes.


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