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The 21-day exercise Reset

Our introductory course has been designed to get you started on the path to a joyously active life. Focusing on the numerous elements that contribute to overall good health and wellbeing, you’ll discover how to boost your mood, supercharge your energy levels, improve your cardiovascular health, enhance your breathing, increase your strength and elevate your self-esteem. Not bad for three weeks’ work!


introduction to Total Health Awareness and reset

Diving deeper into the remarkable workings of both human mind and body, our second course builds on the lessons taught in The 21-Day Exercise Reset course. From physiological insights and essential lessons about why we feel the way we do, to practical movement considerations and social connectivity, this course will change your perspective on living and ageing. You’ll learn about:


12 Month Total health and life transformation

This course comprises three segments. Starting with The 21-Day Exercise Reset course and the Total Health Awareness and Reset course, it proceeds to provide an in-depth look at you.. This is for those who want a total health and life transformation.

The course provides you with the framework, the knowledge, and the support of a community of like-minded people working towards their own personal health transformations.

Beyond40 does this through its unique LIVING TRUE Method.