How it Works


We spend time assessing your individual needs in order to customise a plan of action beneficial for you. In this FREE 45-minute session, we discuss your goals, preferences, concerns and where you see yourself in terms of your physical and mental wellbeing in the future.


It does not matter if you have never set foot in a gym before – we acknowledge that everybody is different and requires different needs in life. That’s why we cover any stress, physical ailments and energy imbalances during the assessment and also record statistics to understand your baseline. We discuss your aspirations for lifestyle improvements and practical approaches to achieve the most authentic version of you.  


Once a thorough understanding has been gained through the initial assessment, James will get to work putting together your bespoke plan. This will include looking at these four main points of nurture; physical health, inner spirit, scientific research and knowledge, social wellbeing and why we aim for longevity.


Using these vital markers to determine a wellness plan, James will combine your needs to design something unique for you; a personal training focused programme that aligns with the physical, internal, environment and social improvements to your lifestyle. 


You can choose to work 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 with James in the studio, depending on what suits you best. Each version is priced differently, and you can change your training style anytime using the Beyond40 app. Each client has their own programme to follow, so whether you’re training one on one or three on one, you will stick to the workout set out by James for you.


Beyond40 is designed to reach and improve all areas of your life. James is passionate about helping you on your journey and making these changes long-term so that you can live the most active, joyful and fulfilling life possible.